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History of Allied

The focus and overall foundation of Allied Advertising is to help our customers save money.

Richard “Dic” McGoon began this effort in 1952, and current owners Lola and John Herbots continue to build on it. Since 1952, Allied has been serving Texas.

Allied Advertising HistoryOur customers say they love doing business with us because we make their lives easier. Simply call us, place an order and all other details are taken care of. Send us your design, or have Allied do the creating and designing for you. Whatever your artistic or campaign needs are, Allied Advertising has you covered. All products are custom made to suit your most demanding requirements.

The backbone of every successful company is the support and devotion of its hard working associates. Allied Advertising knows that by providing a stable, safe and pleasant work environment it can offer its associates opportunities for growth and future enhancements in compensation, benefits and job satisfaction. Over twenty-five years of employee retention is a constant testament to this sound business philosophy.

Allied Advertising - San Antonio, TX

San Antonio Manufacturers Association – History of Manufacturing

At more than a half century old, Allied Advertising Agency, Inc. is deeply rooted and tightly woven into San Antonio’s history, promoting and helping others to sell, literally, millions of products, services, events – even themselves as they seek political office.

“We represent the tangible side of advertising. Signs, banners, bumper stickers, hats and caps, shirts, jackets and promotional products; you name it,” said Executive Vice President and CFO John Herbots who, along with his wife, Lola Herbots, the company’s president and CEO, purchased the business in 2006. “We are a true one-stop operation. Many companies advertise that they can do it all, but then subcontract most of the work. We really do it all in-house so that we can fully control quality, service, turn-around time and price.”

Allied Advertising

Founded in 1952 and incorporated a decade later, Allied Advertising is the brainchild of the late Richard “Dic” McGoon, a civic-minded businessman who was perhaps best known for providing benches, which not only served those utilizing public transportation, but also served as an advertising platform for nonprofit organizations and small businesses as well as political and public awareness campaigns throughout San Antonio. McGoon was also the creator of the colorful “We Believe in San Antonio” slogan which anchored a highly-successful 1980s campaign to build community spirit; and was very influential in the local political world, assisting many candidates in their advertising campaigns and, consequently, laying a firm foundation for what would become Allied Advertising.

“He actually started out printing and selling discount coupons for restaurants and stores, but by the 1970s had become heavily involved in printing political signs,” Herbots said, adding that, by the 1980s , Allied was printing roughly 95% of all political signs in metropolitan San Antonio and South Texas. “Political advertising was the business’ cornerstone throughout the McGoon family ownership and remains a very big part of what we do today.”