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Let Allied Advertising help get you recognized.

Choose from endless styles of apparel that promote your company’s image. We have a complete graphic arts department that can develop concepts for you or utilize the graphics you send us.

Allied Advertising is ready to assist you find the ideal apparel for all your needs. Let Allied put your message on nearly any apparel item. We do t-shirts to caps – screen printing or embroidery. Whether you need 50 or 50,000, Allied has the best prices and the highest quality.

Allied Advertising - San Antonio, TX

  • T-shirts - Stand out of the crowd. Be known with the countless ways to customize your t-shirts.
  • Company Shirts - Put your Corporate or Company logo on all types of Apparel and make a lasting impression by having your brand noticed.
  • Bags and Cases - Pick your very own custom tailored Bag or Case with our extensive collection.
  • Headwear - Browse all the different ways to create Headwear unique to you.
  • Athletic Uniforms – The better you feel the better you perform. Feel ultimate comfort in our Athletic Uniforms. At Allied Advertising we turn Athletes into Champions.
  • Outerwear – Be the talk of the town and make a bold statement with our numerous types of Outerwear!


Screen Print

Standard Screen Printing: 12.5 X 16 – This is the standard printing process.

Over-sized Printing: 16 X 20 – This is a larger format print than the standard print. Images take up more space within the body of the garment itself. We recommend fashion soft inks for a softer, not so heavy feel on solid images of this size.

Features offered for Standard Screen & Over-sized Printing:

  • Images fall within the normal body of the garment
  • A variety of inks (such as fashion soft inks, PMS color matches, foils, gels, etc) are available
  • 9 colors maximum may be used
  • Images can be set to print over collars/seams (for an additional charge)
  • Image size must meet the set parameters

Jumbo Printing: 18 X 20 – JUMBO print and has even larger format print than oversized print. Images take up a majority of the t-shirt itself. A maximum of six colors may be used. Larger garments will have some images fall off on the sleeves and bottom.

All Over Printing: 40 X 40 – All over printing is the largest format print available. Images will print over the entire body of the shirt including the sleeves (not a wrap around print). A maximum of two colors may be used. As garments get larger, the sleeves become bigger and tend to hang off the pallets, causing gaps in print area. This is because garments larger than 2XL will have some images fall off on the under portion of the sleeves. The printing still looks great, just doesn’t print on all of the sleeve.

For both Jumbo & All Over Printing: Images print using fashion soft inks. Specialty inks may be used to highlight smaller areas but are not recommended for the entire job because it would turn out extremely heavy. On most garments, the print will cover the entire body and onto the sleeves, crossing over the shoulder seams.


Give your logo a colorful, durable and 3D appeal with embroidery! Our experienced digitizer allows us to take the necessary steps to accurately convert your logo design to sew out in the best, clean format possible. We offer a complete line of industrial work shirts, golf shirts, hats, aprons, jackets, bags and more.

  • Flat
  • Applique
  • Combine Screen Print with Embroidery
  • 3D

Special Effects

Foil, Glitter, Glam, and all the things that Sparkle and Shine!

Rhinestones – We offer real Swarovski crystals that can add a dazzling accent to any design! They come in a variety of colors and sizes. The 4mm stone is the average size we order. Each rhinestone is set by hand and up to six stones may be applied per design.

Rhinestone Appliqués – These are complete designs using only rhinestones. Various colors and sizes are available for each design. Each appliqué is made to meet your specifications and are sure to make your next project shine.

Glitter Gel – Super sparkle metallic glitter flakes are suspended from a specially formulated gel, allowing a shimmer and shine to any design. Glitter gel may be used for a whole design or as a stunning accent to an already spectacular piece. Available in a variety of colors and can be combined with up to six other colors.

Dry Glitter – Metallic glitter flakes are adhered directly to the garment and allow maximum twinkle and glint. Dry glitter flakes may be used in a variety of applications and can be combined with up to four other colors.

Foil – A brilliant metallic effect that is much shinier than a standard plastisol metallic ink. Foil may be used to accent a design or to cover an entire design for an “eye catching” effect. Available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Clear Gel – Offers a unique wet look. Use directly on the garment to add a little shine or over a print for a thicker, wetter feel. Clear gel offers a shine without the sparkle of glitter.

Flocking – consists of a glue printed onto the fabric and then foil or flock (or other special effect) material is applied for a mirror finish or a velvet touch.

Phosphoresent – Glow in the dark!

Caviar Beads – a glue is printed in the shape of the design, to which small plastic beads are then applied – works well with solid block areas creating an interesting tactile surface.

Dye Sublimation

Allied offers an excellent printing method called dye sublimation. Company logos and designs can be printed directly onto fabrics of all types including manufactured shirts, jackets and other apparel to specifications. The process is catching on and allows productions of all-over prints in full color.

Digital Printing

Our digital printing is water based and eco friendly. Utilizing the most advanced technology, digital or direct to garment printing is taken to a totally new level.