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Art Guidelines

Art Guidelines for Large-Format Digital Printing


Please submit art on CD ROM or DVD discs. Smaller files (under 20MB) may be sent using the Online File Transfer Form or emailed directly to your Allied rep. You can also utilize web sites like or to upload larger files.

File Preparation

Submitted files should be created at full size in:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Macromedia FreeHand

Then save native files (.psd, .indd, .ai, or .fh extensions)

We can utilize PDF files if created a certain way. Some files created in other applications may be accepted, but could be subject to additional preparation charges.

File Preparation Tips & Info:

  • Artwork that exceeds the pasteboard dimensions in Illustrator or FreeHand may be scaled down, but please indicate the scale (50%, 25%, 10%, 1″= 1′, etc.).
  • Any document containing text should have all text elements converted to outlines, or paths. Don’t forget to save a copy for yourself, just in case last-minute edits are necessary!
  • Avoid complex blends and paths, and any transparency effects in Illustrator or FreeHand.
  • Imported art elements should be linked, not embedded. Remember to update links and supply them along with the file to be output.
  • Furnish some form of color proof to match to, created from the submitted file and indicate any Pantone colors used. Supply all full-color files in CMYK color space.
  • Any artwork or imagery that extends to the edges of the finished piece will require bleed. Crop or trim marks should indicate the finished size of the piece.

Image Resolution

Image resolution is determined by the final use and viewing distance of the product. A billboard that is viewed from 100 feet away needs much less resolution than a POP display that is viewed from a couple of feet away. One rule to keep in mind, is to have a minimum of 150 dpi at final output size. If you double the size of the file, the dpi is divided in half. The more resolution you have the better your final output will look. Contact us if you have image resolution requirement questions.

General Info

Please provide the following information about your graphic:

  • How long it will be displayed
  • Environmental conditions
  • Viewing distance
  • How it will be stored, handled, and/or reused in the future

Not all Pantone colors can be reproduced accurately. Color proofs are recommended for corporate colors & some pantone colors. Colors that are designed to match a Pantone color should be specified in the file as that Pantone color and set to spot. Please provide a laser dummy or PDF for us to use for quality control.

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